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A new range aims to be responsible
and with a low ecological and carbon footprint.

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LCS R1000

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This new range of shoes is made from plant materials. The vegetable matter, of which the upper is made, is obtained from grapes and more precisely from the residues not used after the juice is extracted from them to produce wine or grappa. These residues are then transformed to form a paste which is placed on a cotton canvas by coating to find its shape. Beyond the upper, Le Coq Sportif has gone further: the outsole is rubber while the insole is cork, the branding on the tongue and the laces are cotton.

  1. 1 Grape harvest
  2. 2 Collect of the unused residues
  3. 3 Treatment and transformation into vegetable matter


For several years now, Le Coq Sportif has chosen to bring together the places of production of its most premium shoes by working in France and Portugal. It is Portugal and its ancestral know-how on leather sneakers that was chosen for the production of this range. Proximity to production that allows quality exchanges with the makers of these unique products. This proximity is also found in the choice of the material, sourced in Italy by a local employee who harvests the grapes, then collects the unused residues himself for processing. Proud of the origin of its product, Le Coq Sportif has chosen to mark each shoe of the vintage whose harvested grapes were used to produce the material



For a year now, Le Coq Sportif has chosen to no longer use PU, a plastic derived from petroleum, to make its shoes. With the arrival of this new range, the brand wishes to offer a plant-based option that complements its already natural ranges.

  • Vegetal matter
    From grape
    developed in Italy

  • Cork
    Healthy alternative
    for sockliner

  • Rubber
    Natural outsole

  • Cotton
    For all textile base