Local, human and natural. These three words sum up Le Coq Sportif's French know-how and commitment!


  • Born in the heart of the Trojan textile basin, in Romilly-sur-Seine, LE COQ SPORTIF is the heir and actor of the French hosiery tradition. The know-how of knitting and dyeing cotton guarantees the quality, comfort and durability of clothing.

  • Since 2005, the brand's know-how has been relocated to its region of origin. All our products are now knitted and dyed around Romilly-sur-Seine, and made within a radius of less than 2,500 kilometres (France, Portugal, Morocco).

    Designer and manufacturer of sports shoes since the 1980s, LE COQ SPORTIF applies the same quality standards to its tennis shoes, runners and sneakers. Although local production is more difficult to set up because footwear know-how has virtually disappeared from Europe, we are nevertheless developing our collections incorporating these local criteria.


  • At LE COQ SPORTIF, we like to use the word "industry" because we are proud of our production line and workshops.

  • This term should not hide the fact that our work is above all human: without our pattern makers, seamstresses and finishers, none of our garments would see the light of day. We know the first names and surnames of all our partners because, in production, it's all a question of trust.

    We also believe that employment is a fantastic way of getting people into work, so we've developed our recruitment via the "école de la 2e chance" network and our partnerships with ESATs.

    We also work closely with our athletes to develop outfits that offer optimum performance and elegance. After all, there's no substitute for an athlete when it comes to designing and testing sportswear!


  • We use as many natural materials as possible, with no petroleum derivatives: cotton, leather and plant-based materials made from grape residues. However, some performance clothing now requires the use of synthetic compounds, but we always offer a 100% natural fibre alternative to our partner athletes, clubs and federations: it's up to them to choose!

  • Our yarns are selected by us and we knit and dye them ourselves, which is rare in our industry. We still have some way to go when it comes to the full traceability of our fibres, but we are currently experimenting with a solution that guarantees greater transparency, and we hope to be able to tell you more about it soon.

    Finally, the majority of our components comply with Oeko-Tex standards and labels. For each of our products, you will find on our website the Material and Manufacturing information associated with their manufacture.