The COQ SPORTIF story began in the café of a small town in the Aube region, Romilly-sur-Seine, a centre of French textile expertise since the early 19th centur


  • The COQ SPORTIF story began in the café of a small town in the Aube region, Romilly-sur-Seine, a centre of French textile expertise since the early 19th centur

  • In this bar run by Émile Camuset, a sports enthusiast, all the amateurs of the region meet. They talk about football, cycling, rugby and gymnastics. They prepare the weekend's matches. The results are commented on with great enthusiasm. Young and old, professionals and simple enthusiasts, all meet at the "Bar Romillon" for the love of sport.

    One day, Emile Camuset had the idea of using the local hosiery know-how to make sportswear and equip local, soon national and later international clubs. The year was 1882: LE COQ SPORTIF became the world's first sports brand!

    140 years later, it is the same spirit of the origins, made of passion, proximity and conviviality, that still drives us. Our history and our legends, our products and our quality standards, our athletes and our clubs, our commitments and our values all bear witness to this. LE COQ SPORTIF is a committed French sports brand.


This is the name of the Manifesto for a committed sport, signed by Le Coq Sportif and its athletes.

Attached to the values of proximity and sharing, Le Coq Sportif wanted to engage with its athletes in a reflection on the values that inspire them on a daily basis. This Manifesto is the expression of this. Behind the singularity of each person is the unanimously shared desire to leave a positive mark. The imprint of those who, through the exemplary nature of their career, write and mark the history of their sport, but also of society. Written by and for Le Coq Sportif athletes, the "Empreinte" Manifesto brings together and commits the brand's sports ambassadors.


This Manifesto is written according to the principle of acrostics: each letter of the word EMPREINTE expresses a strong value, shared by our collective of athletes. It was written using the real words that these great athletes use to talk about their relationship with sport.


As the equipment supplier for the French delegations at the Olympic Games from 1912 to 1972 and at the 1924 Games held in Paris, Le Coq Sportif has always been committed to the French sporting movement.

Since March 2020, the brand has been a partner of Paris 2024 and Premium Partner of the French Olympic and Paralympic Teams since 1 October 2021.


    Our cohesion is our strength. We are all united around the same family spirit and driven by the same ambition: to leave a positive mark on our respective sports.

  • Motivation

    We believe that determination, effort, fighting spirit and desire make everything possible. With the right mentality and the best of yourself, you can achieve your dreams.


    We defend the human dimension of our practices: being good teammates, remaining accessible, sharing our victories. Le Coq Sportif's key value, proximity, also tells a story of local production that makes us proud to wear its products.

  • Respect

    We are committed to respecting the rules, our opponents, the referees, our audience, to help make sport a healthy and fair competitive environment. We also know how important it is to respect ourselves - because that is where it all starts.

  • Emotion

    We believe that there is no sport without pleasure, without passion, without joie de vivre. We want to share this with our public as well as the pride of wearing the colours of our country and the pride of our victories.

  • Inclusion

    We are committed to fighting against all types of discrimination in sport. Sport for all! All sportsmen and women! We believe that sport can contribute to integration in society, to more solidarity and to change people's views.

  • Nature

    Aware of the environmental issues of our time, we promote eco-responsible sport. We are attentive to our environmental footprint and we want to contribute to the awareness of as many people as possible on this subject.

  • Transmission

    It is important for us to pass on our knowledge and values to young people by encouraging them to take up sport. We want to contribute to the reputation of our sports and their legacy. We give back what we have received.

  • Examplarity

    We are committed to being exemplary in all these dimensions and to embodying our beliefs both on and off the playing field. We know that this is how we will make our mark as committed athletes.